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Realization of a Sustainable Society

With this in mind, Resona Holdings and Kansai Mirai Financial Group respectively formulated Long-Term Sustainability Targets covering three categories that build on the "Resona Sustainability Challenge 2030." In line with its management vision, the Group is simultaneously pursuing the creation of a sustainable society and sustainable corporate growth, ensuring "resonance" between these two endeavors. This means that, in striving to update the Group's business model, we are also helping customers embrace new lifestyle norms so that we can together adapt to change. In this regard, we also aim to become the most significant contributor to customer success in SX*. To this end, we will maintain in-depth dialogue with customers and strive to overcome challenges one by one, rallying the Group's entire strength to realize our vision.

  • *The Group defines SX as voluntary efforts undertaken by corporations and individuals to transform business models or lifestyles to stay ahead with an across-the-board shift toward a sustainable society.
Sustainable Development Goals