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Human Rights

The Resona Group follows the United Nations’ Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and in order to make a commitment to its own responsibility to respect human rights both inside and outside the group, the “Resona Group Human Rights Policy” was established in February 2013.The Human Rights Policy was revised in April 2016 to include the latest human rights issues: human rights of LGBT and people with disabilities, and various forms of harassment, etc.

We have established the following commitment based on our human rights policy and basic approach to diversity.

Resona Sustainability Challenge 2030



Creating a society in which all people respect human rights and diversity and can fulfill their potential while attaining work-life balance.


Creating a society in which all people respect human rights and diversity and can fulfill their potential while attaining work-life balance.

Resona Group Human Rights Policy

The Resona Group respects the basic human rights of customers, employees, as well as all other stakeholders.

  1. 1.Observance of International Rules
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Global Compact, and other international standards regarding human rights will be respected.
  1. 2.Elimination of Discrimination
In all corporate activities, we will not perform acts of discrimination or human rights violations due to race, ethnicity, nationality, sex, sexual orientation or identification, origin, social standing, creed, religion, age, disability, or physical characteristics.
  1. 3.Creation of a Corporate Culture that Respects Human Rights
The Group will consider all human rights issues as its own issues, strictly observing the practice of considering actions from the other party's position and developing a corporate culture that respects human rights.
  1. 4.Creation of an environment where it is easy for employees to work
By having all officers and employees recognizing one another as business partners and forming equal relationships where opinions can be freely expressed, the Group will create a work environment where it is easy for employees to work.
The group recognizes that sexual harassment and power harassment harm dignity. Therefore, these and any other forms of harassment will be eliminated from the workplace.
  1. 5.Implementation of fair employment practices
Regarding the hiring of employees, the Group will respect equality under the law and the freedom to choose one's occupation as stated in the Constitution of Japan and will conduct impartial and fair hiring screenings using individual character, suitability, and ability to accomplish work as standards.
  1. 6. Improvement of human rights training
In order to move toward the solution of all human rights issues, broad human rights training will be implemented in order for all officers and employees to learn a correct understanding of human rights and to broaden their knowledge.

Based on this policy, The Resona Group enhances human rights awareness activities to respect fundamental human rights of all stakeholders. In addition, we are concerned with the negative impacts on human rights that business activities of investment and financing destinations, suppliers and business partners (supply chain) might occur. If there are any incompliance with laws and regulations, we take necessary corrective measures in each case.