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Policy and Implementation Structure

CSR Policy

The Resona Group collectively engages in business operations, having established the Resona Group Corporate Mission, which defines management’s fundamental philosophy, and the Resona Way (Resona Group Corporate Promises), which sets forth the basic approach for achieving the Corporate Mission. Based on these, in August 2011, we established the Resona Group CSR Policy covering the seven core subjects of ISO 26000, in order to specify our stance toward corporate social responsibilities as an organization committed to a sustainable society.

Relationship among Corporate Mission, Corporate Promises and CSR Policy

Sustainability Implementation Structure

The status of the Group’s SX initiatives is reported to the Board of Directors at least once a year, ensuring that the Board exercises robust supervision over these matters. With outside directors constituting its majority, the Board of Directors engages in multifaceted discussion and reflects its conclusions in the Group’s business strategy, risk management and information disclosure. In addition, the Group Sustainability Promotion Committee, chaired by the president of Resona Holdings, is tasked with exercising consolidated supervision of specific issues associated with sustainability and deemed important. Members of this committee include presidents of Group banks and the heads of the Corporate Administration Division and risk management divisions as well as officers in charge of corporate and retail banking. Moreover, the Group Human Rights Promotion Committee, a subcommittee under the Group Sustainability Promotion Committee, is charged with the consolidated management of important matters associated with human rights promotion among all Group employees.

CSR Promotion System