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Notice Regarding a Strategic Alliance with The Keiyo Bank, Ltd.

August 24, 2021

Resona Holdings, Inc.

Resona Holdings, Inc. (President: Masahiro Minami; hereinafter "Resona HD") hereby announces that it has signed an agreement with The Keiyo Bank, Ltd. (President: Toshiyuki Kumagai; hereinafter "Keiyo Bank") with regard to a strategic alliance (hereinafter the "Alliance") between the two companies.

1. Background and Objectives of the Alliance

Striving to realize "Retail No. 1," Resona HD is pursuing digital transformation (DX), rallying the entire Resona Group to integrate face-to-face and digital channels, restructure its business processes and otherwise align its modes of operation with the evolving needs of customers in light of changes in their day-to-day financial behavior. In order to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society, Resona HD is also flexibly seeking to form alliances free of capital relationships or system integration. By doing so, we are endeavoring to develop a co-creation platform that will allow us to establish "win-win" relationships between the Resona Group and its external partners, including those from different sectors as well as regional financial institutions.

Under these circumstances, Resona HD has signed a business alliance agreement with Keiyo Bank. Both companies possess solid operating foundations in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and the Alliance is intended to bring together their strengths in the retail business through the sharing of intelligence and know-how mainly in the digital fields. We expect that the Alliance will better position Resona HD and Keiyo Bank to meet the expectations of local customers and achieve sustainable growth.

Looking ahead, Resona HD and Keiyo Bank will deliver optimal solutions via a variety of financial services as independent financial institutions. We will strive to provide further convenience to local customers and help them improve productivity while securing greater corporate value for both companies.

2. Details of the Alliance

Digital Strengthening of non-face-to-face businesses via the use of banking apps, joint engagement in digital marketing, data analysis, data-driven businesses and operational streamlining, etc.
Solutions Provision of inheritance, business succession, M&A, syndicated loan, business matching, real estate utilization and other solutions for corporate and individual customers
Human resource development Jointly organizing rank-based training sessions and various seminars, human resource exchange involving both companies' headquarters employees, etc.

3. Overview of Our Alliance Partner

Company name The Keiyo Bank, Ltd.
Location 11-11, Fujimi 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Name and title of representative Toshiyuki Kumagai, Director and President
Capital stock 49,759 million yen
Establishment March 31, 1943

Consolidated business performance and financial position in the most recent three fiscal years (Millions of yen)

Years ended March 31201920202021
Net assets




Total assets




Ordinary income




Ordinary profit




Net income attributable to owners of parent




4. Date of the Signing of the Alliance Agreement

August 24, 2021 (Tuesday)

5. Outlook

Although we believe that the immediate impact of the Alliance on our consolidated operating results will be insignificant, we will promptly make an announcement if the Alliance is found to possibly exert a material impact on our business performance.

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