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Notice of the Profit Guidance for the Fiscal Year 2017 (Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2018) issued by Resona Holdings' Consolidated Subsidiary, Kansai Mirai Financial Group, Inc.

April 27, 2018

Resona Holdings, Inc.

Kansai Mirai Financial Group, Inc. (KMFG, hereafter), one of Resona Holdings' consolidated subsidiaries, issued the profit guidance for fiscal year 2017 as per the attached sheet.

KMFG recognized the "negative goodwill" which is mentioned in the attached KMFG's announcement relating to the acquisition of all shares of Kinki Osaka Bank from Resona Holdings to make Kinki Osaka Bank its fully owned subsidiary. Since both companies, KMFG and Kinki Osaka Bank, were fully owned subsidiaries of Resona Holdings during fiscal year 2017, the "negative goodwill" does not affect the consolidated profit guidance of Resona Holdings for fiscal year 2017.

  • *With regard to "the Vision that Kansai Mirai Financial Group, Inc. aims to achieve." , please refer to the attached PDF.
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