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Resona Sustainability Challenge 2030

With the goal of contributing to the realization of thriving local societies through the provision of financial services, the Resona Group has identified four priority themes among relevant environmental and social issues: local communities, low birthrate and aging society, environment, and human rights. Based on these issues, the Group has established its six commitments.

Resona Sustainability Challenge 2030

Resona Holdings, Inc., established Resona Sustainability Challenge 2030. All member companies of the Resona Group will join the global efforts towards the achievement of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through which it contributes to the development of thriving local societies by providing financial services.
Through these commitments, the Group will continue to strive to address both environmental and social issues while concurrently attaining sustainable growth.

Local Communities


Revitalization of Local Economies

Commitment [1-1]
Realizing a sustainable society together with customers through constructive dialogue on the themes of environmental and social issues and other measures.
Revitalizing local economies and creating livable communities through supporting the growth of companies, including nurturing of start-up companies, and the operational efficiency of social infrastructure.
Increasing convenience in society and daily lives through the provision of innovative financial services accessible to all people at anytime and anywhere.

Low Birthrate and Aging Society


Elimination of Anxiety Triggered by Low Birthrate and Aging Society

Commitment [2-1]
Improving customers’ lifetime quality of life through the support for formation and succession of assets enabled by financial consulting and financial education to enhance financial literacy.



Response to Global Warming and Climate Change

Commitment [3-1]
Realizing low-carbon and circular society by taking action with society to reduce environmental burden such as accelerating the use of renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Human Rights


Diversity & Inclusion

Commitment [4-1]
Creating a society in which all people respect human rights and diversity and can fulfill their potential while attaining work-life balance.