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Basic Approach to the Environment

To clarify its environmental efforts, the Resona Group has formulated the Resona Group Environmental Policies as a guide for the proper conduct of corporate environmental activities. Each member of the group is working on the protection of the global environment with an awareness of what we can do as members of local societies.

Group Environmental Policies

  1. 1.Observance of Environment-Related Laws and Regulations
    Comply with environmental conservation related laws and regulations, in addition to other requested items that we have agreed to.
  2. 2.Environmental Preservation through Our Core Business
    Develop and provide environmentally-friendly products and services to support environmental conservation activities.
  3. 3.Environmental Load Reduction in Our Offices
    Work on activities that reduce usage of resources and energy with the goal of reducing our environmental impact.
  4. 4.Environmental Communication
    Actively communicate environmental information inside and outside of the company, and work on environmental training and awareness activities.
  5. 5.In-House Education and Full Participation
    Inform all officers and employees about this policy, and each individual officer and employee shall act while considering environmental conservation.

Environmental Management Systems

Initiatives for Achieving Environmental Goals

The Resona Group has obtained ISO14001 certification* for its environmental management system. Under this system, each year the Group sets environmental goals and works to meet those goals using a Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle.

Group Environmental Target (Location : All)

Item Mid-term Target FY2017 Goal FY2017 Result FY2018 Goal
Energy 11% reduction of CO2 emissions(per 1m²) in FY2020 compared with FY2009 8% reduction over FY2009 (27.6%) 9% reduction over FY2009
Copy paper 15% reduction in copy-paper purchases in FY2020 compared with FY2012 Within FY2016 levels (2.2%) Within FY 2016 levels

Initiatives for Socially Responsible Investment and Loan

The Resona Group has formulated policies including “Resona Group CSR Policy,” “Environmental Policy,” and “Resona Group Human Rights Policy.”

In addition, we pursue investments and loans in accordance with internationally recognized norms and principles such as the UN Global Compact and Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).?

Loan Initiatives

The Resona Group works to build up environmental knowledge and know-how. By supporting the environmentally-friendly initiatives of our customers, we contribute to building a sustainable society.

Environmentally Friendly Approach in Loan Operations

To contribute to the building of a sustainable society, the Resona Group considers an important duty of financial institutions to actively support for the environmental conservation activities of customers through the development and provision of environmentally friendly products and services.
Therefore, through loans , we actively support the environmentally friendly initiatives of our customers. We do not loan to development projects that have the potential to cause a major negative impact on the environment.

Specific Initiatives

To embody the environmentally friendly initiatives described above, Resona Group added its environmentally friendly approach in loan operations into its “Credit Policy,” which is its basic principle of credit risk management.
We also developed a system and procedures to carefully understand and assess the environmental impacts of large projects and environmentally friendly initiatives of customers.

Future Actions

Hence in order to carefully understand and assess the environmental impacts of large projects and the environmentally friendly initiatives of customers, we will check the size of environmental impact and the environmentally friendly initiatives based on established procedures. If we consider that there is incompliance with international regulations, we will promote the project to rectify them.
Through awareness-raising activities within our company, we will also work continually to improve employees’ awareness of the importance of environmentally friendly lending.

Investment Initiatives

Socially and Environmentally Friendly Approach to Investing

Since Resona Bank signed the UN PRI in 2008, we have worked as an institutional investor with ESG (Environment, Society, Governance) in mind.
We stated our acceptance of the Japan version of the Stewardship Code. As a responsible institutional investor, we are aware that investments have huge impacts on society and the environment. To show our commitment we have established our “Responsible Investment Policy.”

Responsible Investment Policy

Specific Initiatives

When investigating and analyzing an individual company we work to understand ESG-related issues in addition to the company strategy, business results, risks and capital structure, etc., in order to make a comprehensive investment decision. In accordance with the Japan version of the Stewardship Code, Resona Bank periodically discusses with investees about how existing investees perform their social responsibilities, shares our awareness of the situation, and requests improvements in initiatives.
In principle for shares on which Resona Bank can exercise shareholder rights as the administrator it exercises all voting rights after considering the ESG investigation and analysis and results of discussions.
To see whether these initiatives are performed appropriately, officers in charge of credit assets management divisions and other members participate in the “Responsible Investment Committee,” which leverages the combined knowledge of committee members to take action.

Future Actions

We aim to further expand initiatives to create corporate, social, and environmental value through discussions with companies and company assessments considering ESG elements.

Environmental Load Reduction in Our Offices

Green Purchasing and Waste Reduction

Banks use large volumes of paper in the normal course of their business activities. For this reason, the Resona Group has specified reduction in paper usage as a major theme in its environmental activities and is working to practice "green purchasing" and the reduction of waste. The Group promotes the use of environmentally friendly paper, such as paper made from forest thinning and forest certified paper, for its leaflets and posters. Also, for internal business purposes, the Group has switched to the use of recycled photocopying paper that complies with Japan's Act on Promoting Green Purchasing. Moreover, the Group uses carbon offset ink toners for printers and, to save resources and cut the volume of wastes, promotes paperless business operations and the reduction of paper usage.


Basic Approach to Biodiversity

The Resona Group undertakes the following initiatives, considering preservation of biodiversity as a key topic in building a sustainable society.

1. Efforts within operations Work to understand and reduce the impact that operations have on biodiversity, and preserve biodiversity for building a sustainable society
2. Collaboration with local communities and society Collaborate with many stakeholders, such as local communities and society as a whole, to protect biodiversity
3. Education and promotion Conduct education and promotion of biodiversity to employees
4. Information disclosure Disclose efforts in protecting biodiversity as appropriate

Group-wide Enlightenment Activities

Environmental Training

The Resona Group provides periodic training related to the environment to employees through e-learning courses and, thereby, endeavors to increase the awareness of environmental issues.

Environmental Conservation through Our Core Business

Funds for Corporations

We have prepared various funding systems to meet the fundraising needs of businesses that undertake environmental conservation activities and install environmentally friendly equipment.

SRI Fund for Company Pensions

Resona Bank has previously established its “Global SRI” fund, which invests in ESG-friendly* foreign companies, etc., aimed for company pension funds. There are few other SRI funds that invest in foreign stocks, aimed at company pensions in Japan; thus our Global SRI provides a wider range of choices for pension investments.

* ESG: Abbreviation of Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance

Supporting the Creation of Environmental Real Estate in Partnership with the “Re-Seed Association

The Resona Group has signed a partnership agreement with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the “Re-Seed Association (Real Estate Sustainability & Energy-Efficiency Diffusion Association).” This partnership supports the creation of high quality real estate that is earthquake resistant and has high environmental performance, and which contributes to the revitalization of local communities.

Environmental Accounting

Environmental Conservation Costs

(Thousand yen)

Category Description of initiatives FY2016
(1) Business area cost 192,611 229,911 118,564 395,750
(2) Upstream/downstream cost 0 0 0 0
(3) Administrative activity cost Improvement and operation of environmental management 3,669 7,651 3,667 7,438
(4) R&D cost 0 0 0 0
(5) Social activity cost Financial donations concerning environmental preservation activities 0 642 0 3,891
(6) Environmental remediation cost 0 0 0 0
Total 196,280 229,055 122,231 407,079

Environmental Conservation Effects

Category Applicable to Unit FY2016
Total input of energy All business locations GJ 1,337,947 1,290,408
Greenhouse gas emissions All business locations t-CO2 63,127 61,885
Usage of electric power Head Office/centers, etc. MWh 42,663 45,344
Usage of city gas Head Office/centers, etc. 1000m3 824 766
Usage of gasoline Head Office/centers, etc. kl 86 88
Input of water resources/
Total discharges
Head Office/centers, etc. 1000m3 148 171

Economic Effects from Measures for Environmental Conservation

(Thousand yen)

Category FY2016 FY2017
Reduction in energy costs with energy-saving measures (780,713) (813,902)