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Basic Approach to Diversity

By creating an organization in which each employee can work comfortably and feel their assignments are worthwhile, the Resona Group promotes "human resource development."

Resona Holdings established its Diversity Promotion Office in June 2011. With the watchwords of "the workplace takes the lead," "autonomy," and "diversity," we are creating a work environment where a diversity of human resources can actively contribute.

Personnel System

Resona Bank and Saitama Resona Bank have introduced a personnel system that (1) promotes diversity management, (2) develops professional personnel by field, and (3) offers personal choice-style personnel management.

Under this personnel system, the "Career Field System" has been introduced to help each employee build his/her own career autonomously and, thereby, set the direction of his/her individual career. In addition, Resona Bank and Saitama Resona Bank have also introduced the "Base Area System" under which each employee's base work area is decided.

Additionally, in order to further promote diversity measures, in October 2016 we plan to make revisions in parts of our personnel system to expand the current system. These revisions will place "The ability for all human resources to be able to be ambitious in improving their skills and furthering their careers" on the same level as "The ability to have various working styles according to each personnel's work-life balance," in order to realize the "Support for long-term occupations by aiding in the formation of independent autonomous careers."

For Autonomous Career Building

Resona Bank and Saitama Resona Bank has introduced various support systems and development programs to facilitate the career advancement of individual employees according to their own "will" and "choice."

Post Challenge Systems (Internal Recruitment System)

Under this system, a wide range of positions and assignments, including the personnel to be sent for training internally and externally as well as personnel for new projects, are filled through internal recruitment. This system provides highly motivated employees with opportunities to advance in their careers.

Skill Development Program

Resona Business School

To support employees to independently develop their abilities, the Resona Group holds courses and seminars that employees can use their days off to attend and to gain knowledge and skills.

These courses and seminars include a wide range of content, including knowledge related to banking operations such as financial analysis, financial markets and business succession. There are also courses for developing business skills such as communication and logical thinking, and to support obtaining qualifications.

"Resona My Study" Home Learning System

Resona My Study began in April 2015 as a Group-wide infrastructure system. This system aims to develop an environment, where people can study independently "anytime, anywhere," thus supporting each individual employee to study by themselves. This system offers study content for learning general business skills and linking them to unique bank operations. It also offers work-life balance content as part of diversity management to help develop programs to support employees balancing work and child birth and rearing to return to work.

Systems Where a Diversity of Personnel Can Succeed

The Resona Group aims to provide workplaces, where employees understand and accept each other’s individuality thereby maximizing the abilities of each person. This helps all employees to work together in good spirits. The Group is also working towards the Cabinet Office’s target of having 30% of management positions filled by women by 2020. The Group reached 23.7% in FY2015.

The Resona Group was recognized for these efforts and was selected as one of the FY2015 Nadeshiko Brands. The Nadeshiko Brands project selects and publishes leading companies in terms of hiring and advancing the careers of women. This is a joint effort by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Tokyo Stock Exchange, and has been implemented since FY2012. The Resona Group has been selected two years in a row since FY2014.

Resona Bank was selected for "Diversity Management Selection 100," which is co-hosted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, in 2013. Saitama Resona Bank was recognized as a Platinum-level "Company Working in Diverse Ways" by Saitama Prefecture in 2012.

Resona Women's Council

In April 2005, the Resona Group organized the Resona Women's Council, an advisory body reporting directly to management, with the aim of having improved access to the opinions of female employees and reflecting their ideas in Group management. The council has made suggestions to top management on the creation of work environments in which women can continue to work for the long term and providing support for building their careers. Reforms introduced as a result of these suggestions have included the development of a "system for converting employment status, such as switching between regular and part-time employee status," and the introduction of a "system enabling employees to return to work after taking a leave for child-rearing. "

∗The "Smart Employee" system was introduced in October 2015, for job types that can be limited in work hours or work scope compared to regular employees. Suggestions were used to expand this functioning system into a system enabling employees to switch between job types.

In terms of supporting woman’s career development, a mentoring system was implemented and networking seminars and other events were held. Currently, various seminars and training are being expanded to include business operation methods in order to create a more inclusive working environment.

Return to Work Support, Environment Improvement

The Resona Group has taken a number of initiatives to create a work environment that supports child-rearing. For example, in addition to providing for shorter working hours, for those employees who want to lower their workload, the Group has made provisions to allow employees to "change to partner employee status and, then, when the period of child-rearing is finished, move back to regular employee status." Also, for employees who resigned to rear their children, the Group has introduced a rehiring, or "JOB Return" system. Thus, by introducing a diversity of workstyles, the Group is working to create an improved environment for bearing and raising a family.

In addition, Resona Job Return Support Seminars are held for employees during child rearing leave, and during leave the Group informs employees about changes in operations, provides advice from more experienced mothers, and helps them prepare mentally for working while raising a child. The Group thus works to relieve concerns, build a network, and maintain motivation. 231 people participated in seminars in FY2015.

To help people on child rearing leave return to work smoothly, since March 2016 Kitaurawa Nishiguchi Branch has used a monitoring room to set up "Re: Turn Support Sessions" which allow people to visit their actual workplace.

Thanks to the various job return support initiatives, the number of people taking child rearing leave is increasing each year, and based on these results, Resona Group banks are obtaining the Next Generation Certification Mark (called "Kurumin").

Next Generation Certification Mark

Job Return Support Seminar

Introduction of a Rehiring System

In response to the falling birthrate and demographic aging of the population in Japan, the companies of the Resona Group have introduced a Master Employee System that allows employees who reach the retirement age of 60 and meet certain conditions to be rehired and continue working until age 65. In FY2015, the Resona Group banks rehired 139 persons as Master Employees.

Employing Individuals with Disabilities

The Resona Group is working to create a "Workplace that is easy to work in" where all employees can understand and acknowledge one another, make use of their abilities and play an active role. Regarding the employment rate established by the Act on Employment Promotion of Persons with Disabilities, the Resona Group's overall employment rate was 2.11% (as of June 1, 2015), a result that is higher than the target of 2.0%.

Employee Questionnaire Survey

The Resona Group has conducted an awareness survey of all its employees every year.

By accurately understanding the degree of employee expectations, satisfaction and the sense of responsibilities toward the company, the workplace, work, and more, the results of this survey are used to make the workplace into one that is easier for employees to work in. Since 2011, the degree of employee satisfaction and the sense of attachment have increased by 3.6% and 1% respectively.

This survey is not only used to understand employee awareness for the corresponding fiscal year, but also to understand changes from year to year.