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Consumer Issues/Customer Service

Basic Approach to Consumer Issues/Customer Service

The Resona Group always strives to satisfy customers' needs with a sense of gratitude for their patronage, to give priority to winning their trust, and to provide cordial and warm-hearted, high-quality services to customers to make them happy. For these reasons, we are endeavoring to further enhance our customer service level, while, at the same time, we are actively reforming our services to improve the Group's profitability through realizing low-cost operations and strengthening our sales activities.

Service Reforms

The Resona Group is aiming to transition from the banking industry to financial services. The Group has, therefore, reevaluated its business activities from the customers' perspective and implemented many service reforms. These have included reforms that were at the top of customers' requirement lists as being in need of improvement, such as revising transaction fees, lengthening business hours, and reducing waiting time at counters.

Customer Support Systems

Listening to Customer Opinions

To substantially upgrade customer support, including the handling of complaints and providing consultation, and further improve service quality, each of the Resona Group banks has set up a department responsible for listening to the voices of customers. When customers express opinions and make requests by telephone, when they visit bank offices, respond to questionnaires in bank offices or via the Internet, or in other ways, these are handled centrally by a dedicated system and then used to make and offer better products and services through improvements and further development.

Number of Customer Complaints, Opinions, and Requests Handled

Bank FY2015 FY2016 FY2017
Resona Bank 11,866 10,384 8,579
Saitama Resona Bank 4,722 4,526 2,710
The Kinki Osaka Bank 2,074 2,063 1,823
Total 18,662 16,973 13,112
  • *The Kinki Osaka Bank merged with Kansai Urban Banking Corporation on April 1, 2019.
  • *These figures exclude complaints and suggestions related to the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Customer Surveys

To determine the level of satisfaction among customers of Resona Group banks, a customer survey is conducted annually. Many of the opinions and requests expressed are related to the responses provided by employees, products, services, as well as other items. The Group makes every effort, based on service results, to thoroughly train its employees and enhance its products and services.

Results of the Annual Customer Satisfaction Surveys (Resona Bank)

Graph showing Results of the Annual Customer Satisfaction Surveys (Resona Bank)

Advanced Marketing

The Resona Group also effectively utilizes the functions of the Financial Marketing Research Institute established in Resona Holdings. The Institute develops competitive products based on marketing analysis and customer behavior analysis and also works on marketing concepts for effective promotion activities and to improve customer satisfaction thus leading to an increase Resona’s popularity.

In addition to conventional techniques, the group utilizes big data analytics on unused transaction data accumulated in the company and social network text data. Additionally, we consider market changes, regional characteristics, customer attributes and financial behavior characteristics to achieve more detailed segmentation. Through a dynamic hypothesis verification type approach, we aim to provide solutions, products and services in accordance with customer needs, while pursuing new growth opportunities.

Services of Branch Offices

The Resona Group is introducing branch offices based on new concepts that respond to a wide range of customer lifestyles.

Expand Our Branch Offices which Are Open on Weekends and National Holidays

For individual customers who have little time to visit a bank branch during regular business hours on weekdays, the Group has developed branches where they can casually drop by for consultation or signing bank-related contracts on their way home or while shopping on weekends. This enables us to support customers' life planning, including the refinancing of housing loans and the review of their insurance coverage. We welcome customers at times that are convenient for them.

Pilot Branches that Embody our Omni-Channel Vision

We have opened strategic pilot branches at Toyosu Branch (Seven Days Plaza Toyosu, Resona Bank) and Tokorozawa East Exit Branch (Saitama Resona Bank), to implement Resona Group’s “Omni-Channel Vision” for services people can use anytime, anywhere. These pilot branches aim to improve customer experience through new services such as tablet terminals, which are used to eliminate writing on paper resulting in shorter processing times, in addition to contributing to a stress-free environment where customers can progress at their own pace. We will continue to develop similar initiatives in other locations.

Services for Individual Customers

We provide optimal products and services that individual customers can use in numerous stages of their lives to support a richer life planning. With “provision of added value to customers” as the starting point for our work, we help clients clarify their business segments and to increase and improve contact with customers. These actions are supported through the use of a customer relationship management (CRM) for stronger sales promotion and marketing based on accumulated customer information.

Response to Inheritance-Related Needs

Using the branch network and customer base that Resona Bank has developed, the Resona Group provides trust solutions for asset succession, such as will trusts, estate division, etc., to meet customers' needs.

Results for FY2017

  • Will Trusts and Estate Division: 2,794 cases
  • Asset Succession Trusts (e.g., My Trust, Heart Trust): 1,378 cases
  • Trust for Transfer of Own Company Stock: 153 cases
  • Education Fund Trusts: 1,679

Response to Needs of Women

With the aim of becoming the bank that can gain the strongest support of women, the Resona Group implements the "Resona' My Strength' Project, " where female employees design products and services that meet the needs of women.

Response to Adult Guardianship Needs

Along with the decline in the birthrate and demographic aging of the population in Japan, the number of persons relying on the adult guardianship intermediary system for the conduct of contractual procedures and estate administration in the event of the onset of dementia or other circumstances is growing. In view of these trends, the Resona Group has expanded the range of tie-ups for its adult guardianship intermediary services.

Periodic Asset Management Seminars

The Resona Group believes that providing follow-up services to customers after they have purchased our investment products is of the utmost importance. We regularly and continuously hold Asset Management Seminars inviting experts to explain the status of investment products and the market environment.

Meetings Held in FY2017

20 sessions (a total of 4,600 people attended)

Services for Corporate Customers

For corporate customers, we use employees in charge of business segments, solid support functions, and quality-focused sales activities to carefully foster relationships with each corporate customer. Our front-line sales employees and headquarters work as a team to combine their knowledge and skills, and insights that provide optimal solutions to the business issues that our customers face.

Support for Recruiting Activities

Due to the falling birthrate and demographic aging of the population, securing human resources is an urgent challenge for regional SMEs. The Company works with Saitama Prefecture and universities inside the prefecture to hold events to support employment activities of regional corporations.

Business Succession

Due to the aging of company owners and a shortage of successors, taking proper measures for inheritance and arranging for business succession are the most important issues faced by SMEs in Japan. Drawing on its many years of experience and accumulated know-how in trust products, such as trusts for transfer of own company stock and the real estate business, Resona Bank provides a comprehensive range of advice to its customers to enable them to arrange a smooth business succession.

Support for Revitalizing Regional Economies

Business Development Support for SMEs and Small- business Owners

The business development support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and small-business owners are in line with initiatives begun by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in FY2013. The initiatives set to build an IT system where SMEs, small-business owners, and entrepreneurs can freely exchange management and business development information with many experts. They also include supporting the dispatch of experts for high-level management analysis. The initiatives aim to support new business creation and management innovation among such SMEs and small-business owners. Saitama Resona Bank and The Kinki Osaka Bank participate in these initiatives, mainly by dispatching experts to SMEs to help solve management issues.

  • *The Kinki Osaka Bank merged with Kansai Urban Banking Corporation on April 1, 2019.

Growth Sectors Support Fund

Each Resona Group Bank provides an investment fund that implements the Bank of Japan’s “Fund-Provisioning Measure to Support Strengthening the Foundations for Economic Growth” guidelines. Through this fund, we are supporting a wide range of client companies to raise funds for investing in stronger growth foundation in the 18 growth sectors specified by the Bank of Japan. The sectors include among others investment and business development in Asian countries, environmental and energy projects, and regional revitalization and urban renewal projects.

Promoting Regional Vitalization

The Resona Group established Council on Overcoming Population Decline and Vitalizing the Local Economy as a cross-divisional and cross-group cooperation body while launching a Council on Overcoming Population Decline and Vitalizing the Local Economy in each bank branch to contribute to initiatives towards regional vitalization.

Conclusion of Comprehensive Partnership Agreements

A comprehensive partnership agreement was concluded between Resona Bank and Osaka Prefecture. Saitama Resona Bank also signed the agreements with Saitama Prefecture and Saitama City respectively. These agreements allow for strengthening partnerships in any areas for collaboration. We will contribute more actively than ever to regional vitalization through revitalizing local economy.

Support Services for Local Companies Expanding Business Overseas

Strengthening the Customer Support System

Resona Bank opened Resona Perdania Bank in Indonesia in 1958. We established representative offices in five Asian countries and regions that many Japanese companies have entered (Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City). These provide support with very detailed handling of needs such as solving various issues for customers entering countries overseas, and local issues. We also partnered with leading banks in each country, to provide complementary financial functions such as overseas loans and foreign exchange. We formed new business partnerships with Sacombank (Vietnam), Yes Bank (India) and Axis Bank (India) in April 2016, Bank of the West (USA) in May, and United Overseas Bank (Singapore) in June. We developed a detailed customer support system through our strong branch network comprised of banks in almost all Asian regions (14 countries, 16 banks) and local banks in the United States in North America, and our Japan desks (Japanese transaction departments).
Also, in order to provide a variety of support to meet with the needs for overseas-business, Resona Bank concluded a partnership agreement on promotion of small and medium enterprises with Osaka Prefecture. In the same manner, Saitama Resona Bank signed agreements on overseas-business with Saitama Prefecture and on comprehensive business cooperation with Saitama City.

International network has expanded to 19 partner banks covering 14 countries and regions

International network has expanded to 17 partner banks covering 14 countries and regions

Networking Events for Customers

The Resona Group regularly holds customer networking events in major cities in Asia. Many Resona Group clients with active overseas operations participate, making the events places to exchange information.
Customer networking events were held in Hong Kong in March 2016 and in Shanghai in July 2016.

Networking Events for Customers (Hong Kong)

Networking Events for Customers (Shanghai)

Overseas Local Service Offered with Partner Banks

At Bank of the West, which has strengths in dealing with Japanese-affiliated companies.

At Bank of the West, which has strengths in dealing
with Japanese-affiliated companies.

The Asian economic region has continued its strong growth, and the United States is the world’s largest economy. Business expansion overseas is an important issue not only for large companies but also for the small and medium-sized companies among our customers. Resona bank developed a network with local banks of Asian countries and regions, and with U.S. commercial banks, so we can give detailed responses to meet various customer needs.

【Partner Banks】(14 countries and regions, 19 banks)

Korea KEB Hana Bank
China Bank of East Asia, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of Communications
Taiwan Mega International Commercial Bank
Hong Kong Bank of East Asia
The Philippines Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation
Laos Public Bank
Cambodia Cambodian Public Bank
Singapore Bank of East Asia, United Overseas Bank
Thailand Bangkok Bank
Malaysia Public Bank
Myanmar Myanma Apex Bank
India State Bank of India, Yes Bank, Axis Bank
Vietnam Bangkok Bank, Sacombank, Joint Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam
USA Bank of the West