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Message from the Management

Message from the Management
Message from the Management

Thank you for your continued support and patronage of the Resona Group. On behalf of the Resona Group, I would like to express our condolences to those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We continue to find ourselves in an uncertain business environment, symbolized by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, trade frictions between the United States and China and soaring commodity prices. However, Japan can see a brighter future on the horizon as the state of emergency has been lifted and economic activities have resumed.

The Resona Group’s services are predicated on finding solutions to the constantly changing issues facing our customers and society in general. Harnessing the Resona Group’s strengths developed over the course of our history, we are committed to delivering new value to customers by pioneering ways to adapt to these various changes.

In June 2021, the Resona Group formulated and published its Long-Term Sustainability Targets in order to further accelerate initiatives aimed at achieving a sustainable society and the sustainable growth of the Resona Group. With companies, too, required to shift management focus toward sustainability, we will aim to become the most significant contributor to customer success in their sustainability transformation (SX). In addition, we are making steady progress on the development of a co-creation platform that seeks to establish win-win relationships with different sectors and regional financial institutions.

We will continue with these efforts to grow with local communities and contribute further to local economies.

Going forward, the Resona Group’s focus is becoming the "Retail No. 1" while remaining true to our basic stance that "Customers' happiness is our pleasure," as we work to maximize corporate value.

December 2021

President and Representative Executive Officer

Masahiro Minami