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Message from the Management

Message from the Management
Message from the Management

Thank you for your continued support and patronage of the Resona Group.

FY2021 was a challenging year marked by changes in markets, rising geopolitical risks, and growing uncertainty amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic coupled with soaring commodity prices and protracted supply-side constraints. Driven by the trends of the SDGs and ESG and acceleration of digitalization, the world around us and the financial behaviors of our customers are undergoing significant changes, requiring new business models be created for the future.

In June 2021, the Resona Group published its Long-Term Sustainability Targets. Starting with in-depth dialogue with customers, we will explore opportunities and risks together from each customer's current location, and by continuing to provide customer-oriented consulting, we aim to become the most significant contributor to customer success in their sustainability transformation (SX). Additionally, we will further refine Resona's strengths of customer base, relationships, trusts and real estate, and asset management capabilities and provide unrivaled customer experiences and new value by utilizing digital and data-driven solutions as well.

Under the banner of "Breaking Free of the Bank Model," in the Financial Digital Platform Concept, which is based on an open, win-win relationship with regional financial institutions and different industries, we are pursuing various forms of collaboration toward this realization. We are also taking on challenges in new fields, such as the establishment of several new companies to support customers’ digital transformation (DX) and resolve regional issues. In addition to the steady development of group synergies, combined with the effects of becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary in April 2021, Kansai Mirai Financial Group contributed greatly to Resona Holdings’ performance on a consolidated basis, boosting profits by 17 billion yen compared to 5.8 billion yen in the previous fiscal year.

The fiscal year ending March 31, 2023 represents the final year of our Medium-Term Management Plan, which follows the basic policy of establishing a "Resonance Model.” We will further accelerate our earnings and cost structure reforms to achieve "resonance of sustainable society and the sustainable growth of the Resona Group" set out in the Medium-term Management Plan.

Going forward, the Resona Group’s focus is becoming the "Retail No. 1" while remaining true to our basic stance that "Customers' happiness is our pleasure," as we work to maximize corporate value.

June 2022

President and Representative Executive Officer

Masahiro Minami