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Resona Group's Brand Identity

Group Name


The Resona Group's corporate name was derived from the Latin word (resonus) meaning "resonate" or "resound" in English. We attach great importance to customers' voice. By adopting the corporate name Resona, we want to express our desire to build stronger ties with our customers by "resonating" or "resounding" with them.

Group Logo

Group Logo

We designed our Group Logo to suggest the resonance between the "R" in Resona and the "R" in the Group's key word "Regional." We then enclosed the two "Rs" inside a perfect circle to express a sense of security and trust.
The Group Logo expresses our desire to build stronger ties with customers by "resonating" or "resounding" with them.

Group Colors



We chose green and orange as our Group Colors. Green suggests "gentleness" and "transparency" and orange creates a sense of "familiarity" and "warmth."

Resona Brand Declaration

Customers’ happiness is our pleasure.
The Resona Group links dreams and security,
and contributes to creating a future beyond our
customers’ expectation by taking the thoughts of
each customer with care, and by being aware,
thinking, and acting for ourselves.
Our aim is to deliver “a sense of excitement that
exceeds mere satisfaction.”
Link Together, Shape Future

Group Brand Slogan

Group Brand Slogan

Link Together
This phrase conveys that we will link together all of our stakeholders including customers. This also embodies our commitment to link with Resona-ism, the spirit of reform cultivated since the Group’s establishment.

Shape Future
This phrase articulates our drive to create new forms of financial services unbound by previous banking practices to create a happy future for customers.

Next Action
To realize the Group brand slogan “Link Together, Shape Future,” Next Action illustrates we are determined to take the next step, act and execute. The dynamic soaring line indicates our drive to continually act with the future in mind.