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Business Strategy

Outline of "Medium-term Management Plan"

In February 2015, Resona Holdings announced its "Medium-term Management Plan."

In order to ensure the Group's sustainable growth following the full repayment of public funds, we will implement business strategies based on the basic scenarios comprising "cultivating strategic business areas even further" and "challenging to create new profit opportunities" and promote four foundation strategies as new reform measures looking ahead to changes in the operating environment while upholding our basic stance that "Customers' joy and happiness are Resona's."

By setting the Group's strengths of regional and retail businesses as its core businesses, we will strive to further advance our differentiation strategies with "solutions" leveraged by trust and real estate functions as one of the pillar. In addition, we will work towards the realization of the Omni-channel concept as reforms in customer contact based on marketing while aiming to further evolve our regional retail strategy through the enhancement of the Group's three open platforms (Note 1) with strategic investment and alliance and others.

(Note 1) The open platforms of "retail platform/functions" "trust, real estate, international operations" and "clerical work and systems" which are the basis of the Group's regional retail strategy.

Through these measures, we will aim to create new value for our customers by realizing "stand-out" retail financial services.

Management reform emphases

Outline of the Earnings Plan etc.

The following is the financial plan for the final year of the Medium-term Management Plan. Gross operating profit for the fiscal year ending March 2018 is planned to increase by 43.0 billion yen from the fiscal year ending March 2015 on planned basis. Furthermore, income before income taxes deducting temporally contributing factor such as credit expenses and gains on sales of stocks among others is planned to increase by 42.0 billion yen from the fiscal year ending March 2015 on a planned basis.

Dual Strategic Focuses

Dual Strategic Focuses

(Note 2) (Net income - Amount equivalent to annual dividends for preferred shares) /{(Shareholders' equity at beginning of period - Aggregate amount paid in for preferred shares at beginning of period + total shareholders' equity at end of period - Aggregate amount paid in for preferred shares at end of period) /2}x100

(Note 3) Under the international standard

(Note 4) Consolidated operating expenses / consolidated gross operating profits x100